Planning Commission 

The Planning Commission provides community leadership on local planning and development policy.  The Planning Commission is an appointed body that advises the legislative body on planning matters. The Planning Commission has the responsibility to prepare a master plan, which influences the regulations and standards in the zoning ordinance and any future changes to it.

The Planning Commission is also the primary body responsible for approval of Site Plans. Commissioners are responsible to ensure that new development fits the community’s vision for a given site, with help from professional staff or consultants. Planning Commissions also have responsibility for Special Use approvals. In some communities, they have the sole power to approve or deny Special Use applications, while in others they recommend approval or denial to the elected officials.

Finally, the Planning Commission is the main forum for discussion of changes to the Zoning Ordinance text and map. Changes can be proposed by property owners, the general public, or the Planning Commission itself, but regardless, the Planning Commission must hold a public hearing before recommending any zoning changes to the community’s elected body.

2024 Meeting Dates
Planning Commission Meeting Dates 2024

The Planning Commission holds two joint meetings per year involving participants from the Village Council, Downtown Development Authority, Higgins Township and the Economic Development Steering Committee.  Tentative Dates

Meetings are subject to change. Any changes will be posted at least 18 hours prior to the meeting per compliance with PA 267 of 1976 as amended (Open Meetings Act), MCLA 41.72a (2)(3) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Current Planning Commission
  • Don Dixon 
  • Tim Reilly
  • Steven DeVault
  • Angela Cook
  • Kris Suvada
  • Jennie Walker (Recorder)