Site Plan “By-right” Procedure (Administrative)The “By-right” procedure is a streamlined process for issuing permits.  Applicants are directed through an informal concept review and approval process.  Applicants with conceptually viable projects are asked to submit a completed application package, along with supporting documentation, as required.  Upon completion of the application package, the applicant schedules a meeting with the Zoning and Building Official (ZBO).  If the project complies with current building code and the zoning ordinance, a permit is issued.  The following are the by-right procedural steps:

  1. The first point of contact is Village Manager’s Office (VMO).
  2. The Village Manger (VM) explores the project concept with the applicant:
  • If the concept has merit, the VM advises applicant to submit a completed application to the Village Administrative Assistant (VAA).
  • The VAA reviews the application for completeness and forwards to the ZBO for review.
  1. The ZBO conducts a zoning and building code-compliance review. Upon completion of the review, the ZBO schedules a meeting with the applicant.
  2. If application conforms to current building codes and the zoning ordinance, a permit is issued.
  3. Payment for permit (if any) will be received by VAA.
  4. Progress and final inspections will be scheduled with the ZBO as appropriate.

Site Plan Formal-Review ProcedureThe formal-review procedure is for projects that are more complex than the by-right approval and require Planning Commission (PC) review.  The following are the formal review procedural steps:

  1. Hold a pre-application concept meeting with the VM and the ZBO.
  2. Submit a land-use permit application and five (5) site-plan copies to the VAA. (Application is available online.  Permit processing takes approximately 3 to 6 weeks.)
  3. The VM and ZBO check the site plan for accuracy and refers application to Village departments for review, as applicable.
  4. The ZBO conducts a zoning and building code-compliance review. If the application is accepted as conforming, the ZBO forwards acknowledgement to the PC and VM for review.  The VM solicits comments from affected Village departments and others, as appropriate (typically, 1-2 weeks).
  5. After the VM receives Village departmental comments, he directs the VAA to post notice of a PC public hearing.
  6. At the hearing the PC approves or denies the application.
    • If the PC approves the application, the PC forwards it recommendation to the Council for final approval.
    • If the PC denies the application, the applicant can appeal to Council, or go to 7. below.
    • Upon Council approval, the applicant issued a permit. (The applicant is notified by letter and, if requested, by telephone and/or email.)
  7. If a site-plan revision is required, the applicant may withdraw or submit a revised plan to the ZBO and the PC (repeat steps 2 and 3).