Why Roscommon??

Flowers 4 2021

We have all the conveniences of living in a larger city including our library, doctors, attorneys, shopping, and
recreational opportunities without the traffic and stress of living in a metro area.  Sharon B.

Both sides of my family have lived in the Roscommon area since pretty much the beginning of Roscommon. 
I can't think of a better place to raise my family.
As I was raised here, my parents were raised here, my paternal grandfather was raised here as well his parents.
It's hard to get away from a place where your roots run so deep.
Aside from all of that, the natural beauty of the area is second to none if you know where to look.
f you seek a serene place to clear your mind it's easy to find here.
If you seek good company that's also easy to find here.
If you need support, this community will have your back ten fold.
Roscommon will always be home.  Tony M.

When multiple generations are raised here it’s difficult for others to truly understand what small communities
have to offer for a quality life and why we stay. To me there is no other option as suitable.  Sue J.

Lake, river, nature. Great neighbors and community. Great schools.  Sean B.

We love it in the village. We have a great sense of community and I feel the services we have here
might be unexpected for a small town.  Kate O.

It's just a Really Wonderful, Beautiful area with so much to see & do.
The people up here seem to Really Care about our Special Little Village/Town.
We are just so Very Blessed to call this area our Home.  David L.

We love living in Roscommon. It's quiet with a few convinces.
Anything you want that is not here is just a short drive away.
And I will say the people are the best of anywhere we have lived.  Marc M.

The sense of *community*, and neighbors caring for and watching out for one another.  Donna T.

Sense of community, community support for our schools athletes, neighbors helping neighbors. Carrie P.

❤ the Enchanted Forest.  Andy S.

The clean air, the forest and it's inhabitants, the Lake's,
but mostly because of the Peaceful environment.  Dan B.

Higgins lake ����  Rebecca A.

Kayaking!  Amber G.